Creative wiring

There are a lot of ways to get power to something, but most of them are wrong, and for good reason. We were called to a customer’s house to do a little drywall and painting work when I noticed a cord hanging from a small hole in the ceiling. I remarked that an open splice like that was a bad sign and potentially dangerous so when we returned to do the drywall work we sought to properly terminate the wiring as well.

But as I pulled on the wire I revealed two unsettling things: one was another open splice that was just sitting above the ceiling. The other was that the original splice was not done with proper in-wall wiring; instead it was done with an extension cord and some electrical tape. We pulled out all the incorrect wiring and properly terminated it inside a new junction box. An inconspicuous white ceiling box cover finished the job off safely and looks a lot better than the cord that once hung in its place.