Painting Services

Chris was trained as a painter while in college, and painting for our customers is something we take great pride in. Meryl enjoys working as a color consultant as well – putting her art degree to good use helping clients select colors for the exterior of their homes, full interior color schemes or individual rooms.

Some of the projects we would love to tackle for you are:

  • Interior painting
  • Whole house exterior – paint is the first line of defense against the elements. A proper paint job helps keep your house protected from water damage that can lead to mold & fungus damage, dry rot, etc.
  • Kitchen & bathroom cabinets and custom built-ins
  • Color consultations

Before & After: assisted clients in selecting main, trim and door colors, assisted in selection of new pendant lights and oversaw painting crew.

A great paint job starts with great paint prep. That means we pay very close attention to details other painters may skip over:

  • Meticulously sand and fill all surfaces
  • All bare wood and patches get primed beforehand
  • Use the best quality paints with the option for an upgrade to zero-VOC
  • Have the carpentry skills to repair existing dry rot or other damage including matching custom moldings

For jobs on a larger scale we love to team up with another husband and wife team (also based in Oakland) to make sure we get your job done in a timely fashion! We love that they are just as friendly and detail oriented as we are.

Before & After: Chose paint colors, new carpet and lighting. Repainted entire unit, installed new lights throughout, oversaw new carpet installation and staging in preparation of unit being put on the market.

And please don’t forget, we pride ourselves on keeping your job site clean:

  • Drop clothes are put down to keep your floors protected
  • Your furniture, plants and other belongings will be safely covered in plastic
  • White glove service!

Before & After: completed demo and worked with client to select wall colors, kitchen cabinet colors, granite, backsplash tile and pattern and oversaw painting, tile and hardwood floor crew over the course of remodel.

Before & After: a client had peeling paint and minor dry rot on a wooden exterior stair railing so we sanded it down, repaired the damage and gave it a new coat of paint.